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This may seem like a stupid question....however, I get asked all the time if running trail cams and pre-season scouting is worth it. My answer, ABSOLUTELY. I could go on and on about the benefits of pre-season scouting. Today I will touch on the few I think are the most important. I HATE coming home empty handed so if I can prevent that in anyway, I will. It's also a good time to test gear for the upcoming season.  Do you the the Special Forces guys would rather have been to an area before an operation or search and rescue...

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There are benefits to shooting expendable broadheads, the number 1 being they usually fly similarly to your field tips. That being said, is it necessary to re-tune your bow when you put on a fixed broadhead. I would say if you are going to be sending that arrow down range at an animal than the answer is yes, you should tune your bow for those particular broadheads. One major aspect about bowhunting is confidence. Are you confident you can hit a 12-15" bullseye every set at your preferred yardage? If you are and your sneaking abilities are on point, well...

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