Do you need to re-tune your bow with fixed broadheads?

Do you need to re-tune your bow with fixed broadheads?
There are benefits to shooting expendable broadheads, the number 1 being they usually fly similarly to your field tips. That being said, is it necessary to re-tune your bow when you put on a fixed broadhead. I would say if you are going to be sending that arrow down range at an animal than the answer is yes, you should tune your bow for those particular broadheads. One major aspect about bowhunting is confidence. Are you confident you can hit a 12-15" bullseye every set at your preferred yardage? If you are and your sneaking abilities are on point, well than my be killing animals. I like to tune my bow for field tips, shoot for a month or so(if possible) to familiarize my self with it, and then I bust out the broadheads. Once I feel confident I can shoot those heads at 20 yards I start lengthening my yardage. My comfort zone usually falls within the 20-50 yard range.
The longest shot I've taken on an animal was 85 yards on a feeding mule deer. Now, keep in mind it was a follow up shot and I was extremely accurate that year as I had shot my bow without fail at least 6 times a week. My first shot on that buck was 62 yards and up until my follow up shot my first shot was my longest. I like to practice out to 100 yards if possible every time I shoot BUT I do NOT like taking those long shots. I love getting close to an animal, and even more so love to watch them tip over after I shoot them with a bow. If you have ever wounded an animal and felt as sick as I have then you know what I am talking about. If that hasn't happened to you yet and you keep bowhunting.... trust me, it will. 
How to tune your broadhead
There are a dozen different ways to approach this and I would say most heads fly a little different. My favorite is to make sure the arrow is spinning great and then look at your rest. Usually you can play with it and get those arrows spinning and tuned correctly. If you can't seem to get it right than you might need to go to the range or call the Huntnhouse Pro-Shop for advice. I would stay away from your pins unless you absolutely have to adjust them. 
You WILL need to re-tune your bow to some extent when shooting a fixed blade head. Of course some heads are better than others and will require less tuning. Throwing you broadheads on the night before the opener is a perfect way to watch and practice or scouting go right down the tube. 
For a list of our recommended broadheads click on the link below:
Good luck everyone! The season is getting closer!

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