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This may seem like a stupid question....however, I get asked all the time if running trail cams and pre-season scouting is worth it. My answer, ABSOLUTELY. I could go on and on about the benefits of pre-season scouting. Today I will touch on the few I think are the most important. I HATE coming home empty handed so if I can prevent that in anyway, I will. It's also a good time to test gear for the upcoming season.  Do you the the Special Forces guys would rather have been to an area before an operation or search and rescue...

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Before we get to far down the rabbit hole I would preface this by saying I have been a watch guy for the last 5 years and prior to that I always found I would crack the face or ware down the watch so fast it wasn't worth it to me. Below I have showcased the watches I have used so you know where my experience is coming from. In no way do I claim to be in a expert in this criteria. However, my number 1 aspect is functionality and my number 2  is durability.   Watch timeline: G-Shock Rockwell Coliseum...

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