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Before we get to far down the rabbit hole I would preface this by saying I have been a watch guy for the last 5 years and prior to that I always found I would crack the face or ware down the watch so fast it wasn't worth it to me. Below I have showcased the watches I have used so you know where my experience is coming from. In no way do I claim to be in a expert in this criteria. However, my number 1 aspect is functionality and my number 2  is durability.   Watch timeline: G-Shock Rockwell Coliseum...

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In this post we will be breaking down some of the items, past times, and ways we at SOLOHNTR like to  that time when there's very little to no hunting out there. We've put together a couple of things to think about during that down time when the game is in recovery mode.               1. Equipment Check Probably the most important aspect in the off season is an equipment check. Whether that is purchasing a new piece to your arsenal or just cleaning and updating existing gear. Many manufactured gear companies will release their new products...

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