I would dare say that if you are waiting for your buddies to get off work or for better weather or to draw a better tag, then you will never get out and experience your full potential in the hunting woods.

I am always inspired by stories like mtn_standard.

Becoming one with the wild is all about experiences. There is no greater teacher than experience. The more you do, the better you be.


Ty Berry

I spotted this buck the evening before the opener in a high basin along ways off. The next morning I found him again in relatively the same area. So I packed up camp and decided he was worth a closer look. I circled all the way around and above the basin I had last saw him in. After repositioning above him and one other buck I waited for him to show. After hours of waiting the small two point he was with fed out into the basin but the four point never showed. I had wondered if he left the basin while I had moved camp. So a little discouraged I got up early the next morning made a cup of coffee and began to glass the basins. Right off I was seeing a lot of doe and fawns which only added to my discouragement. I continued to work my way around and found the two point from the night before I moved probably only five more steps and found the two point wasn’t alone he was with two other buck one being the buck I was looking for. So I set up with the rifle took a range reading 280 yards. After five minutes the other two bucks cleared and the four point was perfectly broadside. I sent one shot he spun twice and fell over. The pack out was brutal I deboned the meat then headed up to camp rolled it up and headed back down to the buck. When I reached the deer I decided I could take it all in one load. So I loaded every thing and headed down. Half way down I called in reinforcements and had my brother in law heading my way. With about a mile or so to go Jason found me I was never so happy to see him! #solostories #solohntr


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