I am always amazed by hunters from all across the world. We are all so different and yet so similar at the same time. Though we may speak different languages and have a variety of cultural and religious upbringings, those of us that are hunters seem to always speak to commonality.

For those of us who choose the SOLO HNTR way of self sufficiency and independent providing, the bond of brotherhood goes even deeper than some may have the ability or desire to comprehend. Nothing feels quite like being a man on your own. Or women I guess, but I wouldn’t know. hee hee

Such a great post and photo by @fair_chase_adventures. Congratulations on your success and adventure.

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Taking a moment to admire my first bull will be forever ingrained in my memory. Reliving the stalk, the shot, the sketchy river crossing, following every drop of blood that lead to a successful recovery. Only hunters know the feeling of recovering an animal. Only hunters feel the relief, the remorse, the overwhelming gratitude of taking one life to feed many. We, are truly blessed in Alberta to have public lands that grant us the opportunity to experience moments like this. I, am truly blessed to have had the opportunity at harvesting one of these elusive and delicious creatures. Being a solo hunt I had more than my share of work cut out for me but I embraced this challenge with a smile on my face and dreamt of backstraps and beers with friends and family!..


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