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It’s hard to know how best to describe Ryan Lampers. I guess I’d have to say he is a mans man. But then again hes a ladies man too.

I first met @sthealthyhunter at a Train to Hunt get together at the Reno Cabelas this past Spring. There was no way in hell I was going to compete but I would do anything for my friend Kenton Clairmont of Train to Hunt. I was asked to attend a pre-event meet and greet with Kenton and all the participants.

I still remember scouring the crowd of would be studs. Watching them all to see if I could peg the men from the boys. Looking across the room I saw myself. Well, a much taller, stronger better looking and undoubtedly better hunter version of myself. I remember leaning over to someone I was talking to and whispered, see that guy over there? That guy is going to be your winner.

Ryan kept to himself and was quiet and polite to everyone he spoke with. Only after the crowd calmed did he make his way over to introduce himself to me. And I’m glad that he did. I met a man that day. A real man. And it has been a true pleasure following his posts and lifestyle ever since.



blankRyan Lampers

Hunt-Harvest-Health Husband, father, gardener, fisherman, bowhunter. Always DIY, always public land.


Interesting how we as hunters can endure some of the most harsh weather conditions, dangerously treacherous terrain, grueling and often painful packouts, only to look back and be completely satisfied and stoked at how we spent our vacation time.
#arewecrazyorsane? .
Rainy, wet, sometimes snowy Washington weather was the theme this year in the high country chasing bulls… unexpectedly the bulls were super quiet with very little bugling. The bulls that did come in were coming in silent. It took persistence but finally was able to connect on this bull in the end. This hunt was a tough grind it out type that had me exhausted, soaked, and completely frustrated at times. Between the quiet bulls, thick fog, sleet and never-ending downpour this was a hunt that could have easily been quit. Reflecting on the off season prep, the #traintohunt challenges and all the grind sessions to be ready for this kept me going, it kept me giving everything I had to achieve success when success was looking very grim..blank
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    I enjoyed reading how you two met! I don’t know how I came accross both Ryan and his wife Hilary on IG but I’ve been flowing them both since the summer and they have been such an inspiration for me personally not only as a solo hunter, but also for incorporating family and holistic sustainable healthy living into my life- these guys LIVE the lifestyle many of us just dream about! It’s amazing how there is such a wonderful community for likeminded (solo hunters- hunter- gather- life style) people are out there! He’s definitely a leader in the field like yourself. Please don’t ever underestimate the power of the stories you share. Thank you for creating this virtual community Tim!

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