SOLO Brown Bear Bow Hunt with David Rupp #SoloStories

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Every once in a while a video link comes across my desk that is as real, raw and rugged as it can get. To me there is nothing better in a video or photo than true authenticity.

This video from David Rupp is about as raw and real as it gets. It shows a long day of thousands of feet of elevation gained and lost as well as many miles traveled. What it doesn’t show are the countless hours and days of hunting and scouting leading up to the kill itself. It is difficult to show everything you want to in a short video. But not all videos need to have an entire story. Sometimes you just want to sit down and spend 5 to 10 minutes watching a guy or gal hike their brains out, kill something and then drag it home.

We get many videos and photos sent to us or tagging us on posts. And I love it! I wish I could see more. My inspiration for what I do comes from the thousands of you out there that are #StrongAsOne. -TIM

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