SEASON 10 Released to SOLO NATION Members

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SEASON 10 is finally here…

We’ve worked hard to bring you this new round of episodes from our 2018/2019 hunting and adventures. Nothing came easy this season but it was worth it.

13 ALL NEW Episodes to be released ONE each week as the season unfolds. Remi in Hawaii, New Zealand, Nevada and Montana. Tim in Alaska, Idaho and California with his son. And a great guest hunt from Austin Manelick in Alaska.

10.1 DALL SHEEP part 1 with Tim Burnett

10.2 DALL SHEEP part 2 with Tim Burnett

10.3 NV ANTELOPE with Remi Warren

10.4 ID ELK with Tim Burnett

10.5 MT ELK with Remi Warren

10.6 KODIAK BLACKTAIL with Tim Burnett & Austin Manelick

10.7 REINDEER & BLACKTAIL with Tim Burnett & Austin Manelick

10.8 HAWAII AXIS with Remi Warren

10.9 ID MULE DEER with Tim Burnett

10.10 ALASKA MTN GOAT with Austin Manelick

10.11 NEW ZEALAND FALLOW with Remi Warren

10.12 CALIFORNIA HOG & TURKEY with Hudson Burnett

10.13 FINDING WILD presented by OnX Hunt

We hope you enjoy this season of episodes. It was a thrill to live the adventure and then relive them all through the editing and post production process. Thank you all for the continued support.



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