PRIME - Inline 5 Compound Bow

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ATA • 35”

Speed • 342 fps

Draw length • INLINE Cam 26”- 30.5”

Draw Weight • 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80 lbs.

Brace height • 6.0”

Mass Weight • 4.6 lbs.

2022 Prime Inline Cam System

The worlds first ever cam system that balances the cable load during the draw cycle. The heavy cable load track moves toward the center of the cam INLINE with the string track. This action keeps the cam balanced during the draw cycle. The Inline Cam has a patent pending.

Where accuracy meets comfort

Comfort is consistency and consistency is accuracy. The most accurate bow now as the best hunting bow grip prime has ever made.
The new prime nano grip offers a warm to the touch grip for the ultimate in comfort and consistency.

Available SOLID colors: Black, Boulder Grey, Morel Green, Grizzly Brown, Ridge Rock & Army Green

Available CAMO patterns: Morel Scar, Kings XK7, Excape, Edge, Fusion, Elevated II & Subalpine

Available TARGET colors: Prism, Deep Red, Hammered Penny, Hammered Grey & Midnight Blue