Bino Combo w/Rangefinder Pouch

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The all new Binocular System Combo w/ Rangefinder Pouch was designed to be a light weight, sleek fitting and low profile bino harness that doesn’t hinder a hunters movements while shouldering a rifle, drawing a bow or climbing that rock face.

  • Made with ultra durable and quiet micro rip stop fabric outer shell and a padded interior housing to protect your optics.
  • Simple one handed operation to open or close the case with a dual magnetic enclosure locking system.
  • Padded case that fits most 8X and 10X popular models of binoculars.
  • Maximum Size of 5-3/4″W X 6-3/4″H
  • Ultra comfortable low profile harness system that you won’t even notice under your backpack straps.
  • Dual magnetic closure design to stay shut when things get rough.

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3 reviews for Bino Combo w/Rangefinder Pouch

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    Zachary Crowell

    I absolutely love this bino harness. I have tried nearly every harness on the market from all the big manufacturers and even small ones. The compact nature of this harness keeps it snug to your chest and the rangefinder pouch is easy to access right there. Protection level is excellent as well with the lid closed. The magnets are strong and do their job without being overly “clicky” like some can be and the one handed operation is super simple. Only wish is they would release a “large” version that could handle some 15’s.

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      SOLO HNTR (verified owner)

      Thank you Zachary. Glad you like it. We are working on a larger model that will work with larger size glass. Should have it soon. Best to you

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    Dan (verified owner)

    Just got this and set it up for early season in Arizona so one caveat to this is that I haven’t had the chance to put it through a real field test yet. I did check it out as much as I can to test seams and snaps, basically the first place something tears. Everything looks solid so far so that’s definitely a good start. The harness is easy to adjust quickly. I was hoping I would be able to mount the harness a little higher up on my chest but the weight of the binos and range finder pull the rig down towards my stomach. This is no knock on the harness – gravity will do what gravity does plus I can tell with thicker layers of clothing on it will be easier to mount higher up. No issues with that at all.
    The one thing I will say (which is mentioned in the product description regarding which binos will fit in this rig) is that my Vortex Diamondback 10x50s didn’t fit in here with enough space to close the top. If you go with this harness I recommend you expect to carry a slightly smaller model. And just for reference the specs on the 10x50s are 6.7″ high and 5.7″ wide. The width was more than adequate, just the height was the sticking point.

    As far as the rangefinder holder is concerned, my Vortex 1000 fits in there perfectly even with the lanyard wrapped around it. The only immediate issue I had was that it fits a little too snug and prevented me from removing it with one hand. I really have to yank it out of there but I’m hoping once it breaks in a little bit it will improve.

    All in all I really like this set up. Hopefully the guys come out with a larger model to accommodate more powerful optics but for now I look forward to using this rig down here in the rough southern Arizona terrain. That’s the only reason I gave this harness 4 stars instead of 5 and I admit that’s being pretty picky. It’s a really good piece of gear.

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    kirktom001 (verified owner)

    Great system. Really like the top closure. Rangefinder pouch can be removed and/or switched to your belt if that’s your preference. Just remember to hold your compass away from the magnets (had an “aha” moment).

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