RUGGED Rifle Cover – EDGE 38″ to 52″

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RUGGED Rifle Cover is made from an ultra durable Brushed Tricot soft shell fabric with soft PVC water resistant lining.

The Rifle Cover fits Rifles and Muzzle Loaders from 42″ to 52″ in total length. IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP.

The Rifle Cover is the first of its kind to hit the Outdoor Hunting and Shooting Market. This ALL NEW and REVOLUTIONARY product is the absolute best way to preserve and protect the integrity or your Rifle, Muzzle Loader or Shotgun. The Camo version of the cover is made from a Highly Durable 240g Brushed Tricot Water Resistant Fabric and finished with an Extremely Tough, Re-enforced Cordura at the barrel and butt ends of the gun. This Cover IS your rifles new best friend. THE SLING SHOWN IN PHOTOS IS THE RIFLE SLING AND IS NOT INCLUDED WITH THE RIFLE COVER.

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25 reviews for RUGGED Rifle Cover – EDGE 38″ to 52″

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    Works awesome!!!

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    Don Seibert (verified owner)

    Bought one of these last year and just ordered another for a gift. One of, if not The Best idea to come along since the handheld GPS. Well made and well thought out…..Don from Maine

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      Wow Don, thank you! I can’t imagine going without one.

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    Love this want more!! Please!! My boss gave me one and I love it!! I want one for all my guns!! I want to give one as a gift to every hunter I know!! Best product:)

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      Awesome! Thanks man

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    Guy Ouellette

    Bought one in Camo last year it does a great job of protecting your rifle but it was a bit tight I think it was like 46″. Just ordered a new one because the size is bigger 52″ in Tan cause they were out of the camo one’s and can’t wait for them . I would of gave the first one a 5 star if they would of made them longer in the past.

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    Will Stenger

    Awesome product that works perfect.

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    Jeff T

    When will the camo version be available for sale?

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      Should be in the next 2 or 3 weeks. Thanks

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    Justin D

    How well do these covers fit over a gun with a mounted bipod?

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      Hey Justin. They fit just the same on a rifle with BiPods as they do on rifles without. No issues at all. Thanks

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    Jon Evans

    Any updates on getting these back in stock? Thanks!

    Jon E.

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      Back in stock and ready to ship. Thanks

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    Eric C (verified owner)

    Purchased on of these last fall and love it! Just bought another one and thank you, excellent product

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      SOLO HNTR (verified owner)

      Thank you!

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    Marius I

    Will these covers fit a rifle with a 2 inch diameter suppressor on it? It looks kinda tight on the muzzle end, but would be awesome if it would fit! (here in Norway, most hunters use a suppressed rifle for hunting).

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      SOLO HNTR (verified owner)

      I have been told that the new ones do work with a suppressor. Remi used them in New Zealand on his rifle with a suppressor. It will be snug and not as easy to put on and off quickly but you will get the protection you need. Thanks

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    I see some of your descriptions say new for 2016, can you tell me what is new and are the covers quiet. Thanks

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      SOLO HNTR (verified owner)

      Hey Greg. The new MTN LITE covers are just made from a Durable micro rip stop fabric that makes the covers about 1/3 the weight and 1/3 the bulk of the original rifle covers. Thanks

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    Thank You

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    Bob Frost

    Ordered the new MNT LITE-Stone. My gun is 43″ standard setup with scope and the fit is extremely tight (no quick detachment). Not sure how this would fit a longer rifle. Very well made and will withstand the elements. Just need a better fit. Thank you

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      SOLO HNTR (verified owner)

      Thanks Bob. I just saw your email as well. We are sending out an XL replacement today. Let me know how it works for you. We have had a few covers come in from the factory shorter than the specs we asked for.

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    Saw the case in the gun shop and loved the idea of protecting my rifle and it works fantastic love the camo but very tight on my 300 I wish its was longer, I just struggle to get it off, just got my buddy to buy one he has a smaller gun!!!!!

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    Aaron Spronk

    Finally got a chance to try this cover, throw it on my Weatherby Vanguard 45″ rifle… fits extremely tight! EXTREMELY! Not sure I’m comfortable with it so tight, says fits 48″ I dropped to gun trying to put it on, not super easy to use.. wish the bands weren’t so high tension.. otherwise seems well made.

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    Deb (verified owner)

    I ordered one of these for x mas gift it is perfect…does anybody know where I can get the sling for it? (and do I need it)

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    Al in MN

    I have several of these, and they are the handiest, best piece of hunting equipment I carry, other than my rifle(s). They do a great job of protecting my rifles, and keeping them clean. Also, negates the need for lens covers on my scopes. I had one on my elk rifle this fall, inside the scabbard, and gave me piece of mind that the rifle and turrets would stay protected.

    Tim Burnett has been excellent to work with, and truly knows what customer service is all about. This is a great product, and I’m buying 6 more so that I can give them away to friends and guides, to help spread the word about what an excellent product these are. Every serious rifleman should have these on their rifles.

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    Kevin Brown

    Just got one in the mail. I’ve got a Rem 700 bdl with a muzzle break and the rifle cover is hard to slip on and very hard to get off. The first time I tried to get it off, the bolt opened up and the scope covers flipped open. If you have it on while hunting and you jump your prey, I’d be amazed if you could get it off in time for a shot. I see this cover being great for long hikes, where you plan on doing long range hunting, and will have plenty of time to get the cover off.
    With all of that said the cover seems very well built at a very good price. I will review this product again after testing it in actual hunting scenarios.

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      SOLO HNTR (verified owner)

      Thank you for the input Kevin. We are working to correct sizing issues with the Max 1 covers. The factory used a stronger elastic which is good but it also made the covers tighter than we want. It should break in with use. If you still experience difficulties then let us know so we can get a replacement out to you. Thanks

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    John Jindrich, Muscatine, Iowa

    I ordered a Realtree Max 1 rifle cover for my son’s Weatherby Mark V 7mm Weatherby mag, 46″ overall length. Max 1is advertised to fit a 48″ rifle. You would need a fence stretcher to get this cover to fit! Disappointed!! I put the cover on my Winchester Model 70 25-06, 44.5″ overall length…snug but workable. I will keep the cover rather than the hassle of sending it back. Gave the Max 1 to my son who was home for Christmas from the U S Marine Corp. Not sure if I should order the 52″ model because, I SHOULD’NT have to! Plus I am not sure what the fit will be like!

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      SOLO HNTR (verified owner)

      Thank you John. We are working to correct sizing issues with the Max 1 covers. The factory used a stronger elastic which is good but it also made the covers tighter than we want. It should break in with use. If you still experience difficulties then let us know so we can get a replacement out to you. Thanks

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    John Jindrich, Muscatine, Iowa

    SOLOHNTR sent a replacement NO CHARGE…NO HASSLE !…. The new cover fits great on my model 70 and I am sure it will fit great on the 1 1/2 ” longer Weatherby MARK V. The new cover is the BRUSHED XTRA AP camo, very nice.
    Very pleased with the customer service from SOLOHNTR! THANKS SOLOHNTR! God Bless the NRA

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    Adrian Glazbrook

    Ordered a couple of covers for my rifles on the 28th of December. Service and shipping to Australia was awesome, had them delivered in the first week of January. Couldn’t believe how cheap the shipping cost was. Products are both great, fit the rifles really well. Could not be happier. Highly recommend

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    Can anyone tell me does it come with a storage bag??

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      SOLO HNTR (verified owner)

      It does not come with a storage bag. Thanks

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    Dave Kelley (verified owner)

    I was very pleased that the cover fit my lever action Winchester 94. I have always struggled with weatherproofing this shorter design rifle, but love hunting with it so much that I just let it get wet and spend more time cleaning it after. It is a little snug on the barrel, but works for length. Have a great and safe season.

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    john Lease

    Tim, I have a Savage Bear Hunter rifle in 325 WSM. With a 23 inch barrel including the muzzle brake. would you recommend getting a cover an inch or so longer than the overall length of the weapon for a perfect fit? I will purchase one for myself and four more for my hunting family and friends. Thanks so much Tim. John

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      SOLO HNTR (verified owner)

      Hey John. We go off of total length since its hard to tell just going by barrel length. This Rugged cover will work great with guns up to 52″ but best with guns between 46″ and 50″. You should be fine with this cover but I’d hold off on the MTN LITE covers until we get our new modified version later this summer. In any case if you’re not happy with either we do a return or exchange no question. Good luck

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    Jaden Bales (verified owner)

    I watched a buddy of mine’s rifle freeze up because it got snow in the action that then froze with a 300″ bull standing broadside at 150 yards on the opening day of the season. It was such a heartbreaker, I could never imagine running around without a cover like this ever again. The design is stellar and it’s really light. It’s a no brainer in my opinion.

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      Tim Burnett

      Thank you Jaden!!

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