On this podcast Tim and Remi have some time to sit down in Remi’s man space to talk about tag strategy and draw odds as well as Remi’s most recent trip to Alaska hunting Caribou with the Under Armour film crew.

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On this podcast episode I get to sit down with Olympic Gold Medal Winner David Wise. Dave has become a fast friend of SOLO HNTR and has taken the challenge to self film his solo adventures. On this episode we talk about his recent ski/hunt trip to Chile.

On this episode I break from my deer hunt in Utah to have a sit down with my brand manager Joel Pilcher. We discuss the evolution of the SOLO HNTR brand, his own Trophy Mtn Art business and background, and dive into overall brand creation and marketing. Joel is a smart dude. The guy has had his hand in some of the most influential brands in and out of the industry. Follow him on Instagram @joelpilch and see his artwork at

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Stealthy and healthy. Hunt good, eat good. Healthy living and hardy training are what make Ryan Lampers successful on the mountain every season and on multiple hunts.

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On this episode Remi and Tim sit down and discuss the insanity that ensues during the filming of our solo hunt expeditions. We talk about my Nevada Antelope hunt, filming with drones and what it takes to produce a good solid film and TV episode. This is a great sit down with Remi and Tim.

On this episodes Remi and I sit down and talk about his recent Archery hunt for Mule Deer in Nevada and hear his take on how to get a coyote to attack you. We discuss hunting public land and the challenges of showing your favorite hunting spots on TV. This is a great conversation with Remi!

On this episode I outline some of the basic plans for the podcast, explain some things about All Access membership and how you can see and hear exclusive full episodes and content. And tee up some of the new things we have rolling with SOLO HNTR and the upcoming hunting season. As always, thank you for the continued support and we hope to see you soon in All Access. -TIM

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