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  • Ryan Marangon

    hey tim-remi

    Just want to say massive fan of the show all the way from Australia. My question is me and my friend have been bowhunting for months now still beginner in a sense but we just recently have received our restricted license that allows us to hunt on public land IE state forests ect .. We are planning a trip into one of our local state forests and just want to know some advice on gear and what to prepare for as we plan on staying for 2 nights in the bush cheers guys absolutely love your work and the show is by far the best

    Cheers Ryan


      Thanks man! I would recommend just going over maps really well to help calculate where other hunters might be accessing the properties so that you can get as far away from them as possible of use their movements in your hunting strategy to calculate where the animals might be even when pressured from other hunters. I like a good light weight tent and sleeping bag so that I can always have my camp on my back. I hate to have to back track anywhere. Without ever hunting in Australia before it is tough to know what else might help. Thanks again for your comment ans best of luck to you! TIM

  • John Satchfield

    Just found you about a month ago and I’m a huge fan. Got selected for a mule deer tag in unit 16a in AZ (stationed here with the Air Force). This will be my first hunt outside of tree stand hunting for whitetail growing up in MS. It’s been a fun learning experience trying to wrap my head around backpack hunting in a completely new area. Your videos have been a big help. Just wanted to say thanks!


      I know what you are going through man. I always like the phone just because a soft voice can be comforting and I like to hear how my kids are doing. I don’t know much about the message devices but I’m sure they work great. But for me it will always be the phone. TIM

  • Josh

    Hey Tim and Remi

    Just wanted to ask some advice. My father and i are going to Colorado next season to hunt for bull elk with a rifle. We will be hunting the northwest corner of CO near Craig. He has been five times already and it will be my first big hunting trip ever in the mountains, and my questions are.

    1. How do u train/ scout for your trips?
    2.What is a good camp stove?
    3. What are some elk patterns to look for in rifle season to bag a bull elk?
    4. How to find the elk?
    6. What is easiest food to bring?
    5. Lastly what is some other gear to bring other than binos, gun, rangefinder, tent, camp stove, water purification sorce, cloths, sleeping bag, and food.


      Hey Josh thanks for the questions. I hope you and your dad have a great hunt. You’ve got a pile of questions here but I’ll try to help.
      1. The best way to train is to scout like you would hunt. Load your pack and hit the hills camera in hand.
      2. If you use a lot of freeze dried food it’s hard to beat jetboil. I also use a MSR light weight stove and pot if I want to cook something besides freeze dried food. Just a little gas burner but I also pack matches to strike a fire and cook meat once I kill.
      3. Elk have been pressured by the time rifle season rolls around. The Bulls will be as high as they get with he snow loads and keep to the thick timber other than early morning and late evening. On public land they are more or pressured.
      4. Glass and hike! Look for tracks in the snow with your spotter on high blown ridges. But they don’t move very far in late season so you’ve got to move more to find them. Once you find them your gold.
      5. Just a positive attitude. Pressured elk are as hard to hunt as anything you will try to do. At least public land elk.

      Good luck to you!

  • Eric A.


    Love the show! Met you at the Western Conservation and Hunt Expo last year with my son Truman. He still talks about that and shows off the picture that you sent him. We’ve been watching Volume 6 of Solo Hunter and he’s always bummed when it’s an episode with Remi, not Tim.

    I think it’s really cool that you browse the comments and give people feedback and tips. Shows what a top-notch guy that you are.

    Hope to see you at the expo again and would look forward to seeing some of these gear lists getting completed so I can finish out my pack.

    Take care,



      Hey Eric. I am just now finding your message. I remember you guys for sure. I didn’t see you and the family this last time. I hope you are all doing well. I guess my delayed response shows that I am sometimes crap at responding but I do get to most of them in good time. It is getting tougher all the time to keep up. But I enjoy it.

      Thanks for the note man. I really do appreciate it!

  • Shaun

    Hey Tim and/or Remi,

    Been a huge fan of the show for some time now. I am a Midwesterner and have very limited knowledge as to things to bring on an extended backpacking trip out west. Could you throw together a quick “packing list” of the things that always are going to be in your pack? Do you play the game of oz. when it comes to food and water? Knives? Tent? Sleeping gear?

  • Andres

    Hi Tim/ Remi
    Huge fan of your shows, try to take as much info as possible. I’m from Minnesota and am planning a bow hunt to the black hills in South Dakota. I was wondering if you guys have any experience hunting out there or if you have any tips to start with?

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