Ep 013 Brian Call – Gritty Brands, Whats in a Name and Give Give Marketing Ideas

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In this episode of the Podcast I sit down with other Podcast host Brian Call from his Gritty Bowmen Podcast. This is the FIRST of FOUR episodes we recorded during a week long hunt together in Oklahoma. We talk about branding, marketing and business. But that’s not all. My conversations seem to always turn to wildlife management, public land, being a good representative of the hunting culture and not being a Jack Ass to point out a few. Brian and I are far from perfect, but we have passion and a common goal in mind for the direction we choose to take our brands and represent the hunting community to those outside our friendship circles. Hunting is not just something we do. It is who we are. But we that doesn’t mean we can just do and say as we please without a care for how others who don’t share in our outdoor lifestyles perceive hunting. To them, hunting is what they see. So it is up to us to show hunting in a way that is more consumable to the non hunting voting class.

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