Ep 033 BE HUNGRY / BE STRONG – Hunting & Health insights with Chris Denham & Kevin Guillen

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On this episode I’m down in the Phoenix area and sitting down with Chris Denham of Western Hunter Magazine and TV show, and Kevin Guillen of Wilderness Athlete.

Topics of discussion include: the hunter athlete lifestyle; Grand Canyon rim to rim to rim hike; the art of listening to your body and understanding the language; 3 main keys to foundational health; the benefits to a seasonal diet; “The omnivore’s dilemma”; the importance of learning how to prepare and cook wild game; how Chris and Kevin got into hunting in their youth; career paths that lead to the hunting industry; start small and keeping it simple.

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    Good discussion. My first introduction to Wilderness Athlete. I will definitely be visiting their website. I feel that consistency in the workout and eating habits is the key. Every year, all the hunting magazines are full of ‘get in shape for hunting season’ articles. Why not just get in shape and stay in shape? If you are in your 20s, this hit and miss approach may work, but it definitely will not work as you get older. I changed my lifestyle 13 years ago by joining in a fitness program that consists of a 5-6 days a week conditioning program, 52 weeks a year. I’ve never missed, unless I was out of town hunting. Does it work? After a 23 wait, I pulled a bighorn sheep tag for Colorado last year. For me, it was a solo hunt that was successful on day 13. On that day, it took me 18 hours to bring everything off the mountain. Other than extra scouting trips during the summer, no special ‘getting ready’ was necessary. I’m 72 with a resting heart rate in the mid forties and weigh 150 lbs. As you get older, you just need to work a little harder and you don’t have to quit doing the things you love to do. This year I pulled a moose tag – and I’ll be ready.

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