Ep 029 Huddys Hog – Story Telling and Hunt Philosophy with Hudson Burnett, Mark Grupe & Charles Whitwam

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On this weeks episode I am at the Ranch of new friend Mark Grupe of The Community Show Youtube Channel and the Mark Grupe Outdoors Podcast and we are in Mariposa County California. Mark invited Hudson and I to come down a few months ago to hunt Hogs and Turkeys with him and friend Charles Whitwam where Hudson jump shot his first Turkey. Now we are back and we’re hoping to for Hudson to take down his first Hog.

Topics of discussion: ear holing hogs with a 243; bow hunting opportunities all year round; honing your skills on hogs; reasons to get out more often; cure for the bow hunting bug; getting your kids outdoors any way you can; stories and favorite hunts from myself, Mark Grupe and Charles Whitwam.

This week of hunting was amazing and I can’t wait to share the film and episode with all of you soon. But for now, I hope you enjoy this podcast conversation and make some effort to follow Mark along on The Community Show Instagram and on Youtube and Charles Whitwam Instagram and Youtube channels as well. Thanks!

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