Ep 028 Finding value in a good pro shop with Steve Walters of Spot Archery Fresno, CA

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On this weeks episode I am in Fresno California at The Spot Archery Pro Shop and hanging out with owner Steve Walters and his staff. I’ve known Steve and his shop manager Brian Landreth for many years and I really enjoy their company when our paths have crossed. So I decided to swing by their shop while driving down to my son Hudsons Hog Hunt near by.

Topics of discussion: What makes a good pro shop and why you need to use one; building and keeping interest in archery; bow hunting, target shooting and archery as a recreational pass time; removing inaccuracy by proper bow and arrow tuning; defining and curing target panic; how to start learning archery from scratch; Break the Barriors Youth and Veteran Archery Programs; no limitations to archery including the visually impaired; bow hunting Blacktail Deer on Kodiak; compound bow technology and fine tuning.

I genuinely enjoyed this conversation with Steve and I learned something new. I highly recommend if you live in the Fresno CA area that you check out The Spot Archery and attend some of their several events this summer and fall.

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