Ep 026 Hunting & Life Matter – Guiding, Hunting & Mentoring with Dave Beronio

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Today on the podcast I’m headed up to Lake Tahoe to meet up with my good friend Dave Beronio. Dave might be most known for his “modeling” career as a face of various Cabela’s marketing campaigns, his Hunting and personality for Outback Outdoors on the Sportsman Channel and for his successful guiding adventures with the RK Hunting Company out of Wyoming. Dave most recently returned from an extended trip to New Zealand where he was guiding hunts and hunting for himself. He even got into a little trouble while on a SOLO Tahr hunt.

We discuss a variety of topics including: How living a real Life Matters; the value of making friends with good hunters; your buddy using your bonus points to get his own tag; taking control for your own level of enjoyment; guide life & experiences; the pros and cons of hunting with other people; why we should all put down our hunting egos; becoming a hunting mentor; not missing the opportunity to fully experience an adventure; how you can’t outrun bad shooting; and destination hunting in New Zealand.

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I really had a great time catching up with Dave and I hope I get the chance to have him on the show again soon.

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As always, thank you for the continued support and I hope you enjoy this conversation with the one and only Hollywood Dave Beronio.

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