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Over the last couple of years I have met and heard from so many people who are new to hunting. Not new to the outdoors in general but have taken it upon themselves to learn more about hunting, killing and consuming wild game.

bridget_fabel tagged us with her first buck that she killed. Here story was full of passion. You can see this passion through every post she makes on her instagram page. Thank you for the support Bridget. And thank you for sharing your story.


Bridget Fabel

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Here he is!! My first mule deer! Here’s the story:

Last night I watched this buck right before dark in a heard with a bunch of other deer. I decided to shoot when he got about 80 yds from me. He ran into high sage.. I thought he ran funny and that I might have hit him. But this morning, there he was! About 600 yds from where I was set up at first light. I hustled in some high sage and got about 200 yds from him and there were a bunch of does between us. I decided to get closer and used the high sage brush to get about 80 yards from him. I knew this was it. I sat down, put both elbows on both knees and was so calm. I put the cross hairs on his shoulders and SMOKED HIM!

He was with a 2 point and they both ran off together. I thought no.. Did I miss? Then I saw him run in 3 little circles and smack the ground. That was the greatest sight I’ve ever seen in my life. I leaped in the air and screamed at the top of my lungs YES!!!! My eyes got teary and I was filled with the greatest feeling ever. Walking up on this buck dead was amazing. He is so perfect for my first mule deer.

Note: This is not the buck I’ve been after this whole time but this one is just as good, he has nice forks on his 4 point side and good eye guards. He has these cool devil guards that I will post a pic of later. I double lunged him, bullet went straight through! If you followed my journey.. Thank you. I’ve been hunting hard since August 20th. All the positive feed back has meant so much.

I learned a lot from this hunt.. But the most important is to never give up. So many times I thought “maybe I’ll just shoot a 2 point and get it over with” or “maybe I’m no good at this” and so much more.. It’s easy to think its not possible, especially when you miss like I did the first time. It’s discouraging. But NOTHING GOOD COMES EASY.

And that’s the moral of this story. I never gave up and now I have this beautiful buck in my hands. I got a lot of weird looks being “that girl that’s hunting so hard everyday by herself” but it’s not weird to me. I knew I was capable and here is the proof! #solohntr



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