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It’s hard to know how best to describe Ryan Lampers. I guess I’d have to say he is a mans man. But then again hes a ladies man too. I…

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@backcountry_or_bust #SoloStories
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Every once in a while you’re walking around looking at your feet and you stumble across something. This is kind how it was for me when I cam across Dan…

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@mtn_standard #SoloStories
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I would dare say that if you are waiting for your buddies to get off work or for better weather or to draw a better tag, then you will never…

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@jessanna.13 #SoloStories
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How SAWEET are the words “I got my first kill- My first buck and I did it solo”? I hear this often but it will still never be enough. There…

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@trent_off_the_grid #SoloStories
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I don’t care what anybody says. Nobody has as much heart as Mr. Trent Penrod. known as trent_off_the_grid to many of us and elk_assassins to most on Instagram. Trent is…

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@bridget_fabel #SoloStories
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Over the last couple of years I have met and heard from so many people who are new to hunting. Not new to the outdoors in general but have taken…

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@tonygillahan #SoloStories
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To some it is not nearly enough to just portray yourself to live an active outdoors lifestyle. It seems that many like the “idea” of being a man of the…

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WHAT’S YOUR STORY?…  As Solo Hunters, we don’t often have the opportunity to sit around the campfire with our buddies and swap hunting stories. We want to give you the…

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