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Ep 003 Remi & Tim – The Hunt or Film Debacle, Hardest hunts to Film and Using Drones
830 560 Tim Burnett

On this episode I sit down with Remi and discuss the insanity that ensues during the filming of our solo hunt expeditions. We talk about my Nevada Antelope hunt, filming…

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Ep 001 Introduction – The Explanation of the Podcast and Plans for the future
830 560 Tim Burnett

Intro to the SOLO HNTR Podcast – On this episode I outline some of the basic plans for the podcast, explain some things about All Access membership and how you can…

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“Crazy about sheds” by Bryson Mackey
1024 1024 SOLO HNTR

CRAZY ABOUT SHEDS If you ask me one of the best feelings in the world that you can experience is walking around a tree and the first thing you see…

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768 1024 SOLO HNTR

EXTREMELY PROUD It’s not very often that I say publicly that I am EXTREMELY proud of myself. But May 3, 2017 I had my very first successful solo hunt. This…

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“COUNTLESS HOURS” by William Terry
596 438 SOLO HNTR

MOTIVATED The 2017 Fallow Deer season was different for me. Hunting on a new and unfamiliar property was a daunting prospect but this year I accepted the challenge. I put…

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“THE HIGHS AND LOWS” by Gentry Houghton
599 598 SOLO HNTR

PACKING IN ALONE 16 miles with a pack like this will wear you out! It’s always fun exploring new country. Packing in alone can be a little eerie especially in…

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“My Journey to Become a SOLO HNTR” by Brady Svilich
1024 765 SOLO HNTR

I’LL SET UP HERE It’s 3am as I drive into the empty parking lot. I grab my pack, decoy and gun. I lock my doors and put my keys in…

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“SOLO Moose Hunt” by Austin Manelick
597 581 SOLO HNTR

Everybody had a Bull besides me It all starts off as a crazy idea but after you get to thinking about it seriously it’s not so crazy after all. After…

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“Second Chance Antelope” by Frans Diepstraten
596 591 SOLO HNTR

SECOND CHANCE ANTELOPE Second Chance Antelope! – Chasing antelope in foot-access-only country must be one of the most enjoyable hunts you can do, unfortunately in Alberta, tags are hard to…

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“I am a hunter” by Casey Bouwhuis
595 597 SOLO HNTR

I AM A HUNTER I am a Hunter. I hunt not to kill, but to harvest clean organic meat that will fill my freezer. I hunt because it is in…

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“I was flying SOLO” By J Ray
640 519 SOLO HNTR

I WAS FLYING SOLO My 2013 buck. 34 wide with a main frame just a hair under 30 and character for days between the trash, blading and mass. My dad…

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