“I am a hunter” by Casey Bouwhuis
595 597 SOLO HNTR

I AM A HUNTER I am a Hunter. I hunt not to kill, but to harvest clean organic meat that will fill my freezer. I hunt because it is in…

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“I was flying SOLO” By J Ray
640 519 SOLO HNTR

I WAS FLYING SOLO My 2013 buck. 34 wide with a main frame just a hair under 30 and character for days between the trash, blading and mass. My dad…

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“Carving A Creative Path” by Joel Pilcher
1024 787 Joel Pilcher

WHERE I BELONG When I was young, my dad was a carpenter by trade. Being a carpenter is a tough way to make a living, especially during the winter in…

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“What really matters” by Jason Franklin
640 480 SOLO HNTR

I wanted a challenge like I’d never taken on before Many of you I have known for years, if not my whole life. Others I have recently met through travels…

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“I just shot a &%$#ing mountain lion!” by Chad Harvey
1024 683 SOLO HNTR

Prime elk hunting time It was mid-September in Eastern Oregon. Prime elk hunting time at my favorite backcountry hole, where spike camp pitches 7 miles from the closest trailhead. The…

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SOLO Brown Bear Bow Hunt with David Rupp #SoloStories
873 491 SOLO HNTR

Every once in a while a video link comes across my desk that is as real, raw and rugged as it can get. To me there is nothing better in…

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@sn.outdoors #SoloStories
640 637 SOLO HNTR

Persistence is the key to success no matter what you are trying to accomplish. Tracking down an elk in frigid temperatures has got to be tough. Not to mention shedding…

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@fair_chase_adventures #SoloStories
640 733 SOLO HNTR

I am always amazed by hunters from all across the world. We are all so different and yet so similar at the same time. Though we may speak different languages…

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@sthealthyhunter #SoloStories
599 597 SOLO HNTR

It’s hard to know how best to describe Ryan Lampers. I guess I’d have to say he is a mans man. But then again hes a ladies man too. I…

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@backcountry_or_bust #SoloStories
489 541 SOLO HNTR

Every once in a while you’re walking around looking at your feet and you stumble across something. This is kind how it was for me when I cam across Dan…

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@mtn_standard #SoloStories
584 423 SOLO HNTR

I would dare say that if you are waiting for your buddies to get off work or for better weather or to draw a better tag, then you will never…

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@jessanna.13 #SoloStories
598 600 SOLO HNTR

How SAWEET are the words “I got my first kill- My first buck and I did it solo”? I hear this often but it will still never be enough. There…

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