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“Crazy about sheds” by Bryson Mackey

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CRAZY ABOUT SHEDS If you ask me one of the best feelings in the world that you can experience is walking around a tree and the first thing you see is the tines of a big ole brown elk or deer shed. That little spurt of adrenaline you get from that is one of the…

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EXTREMELY PROUD It’s not very often that I say publicly that I am EXTREMELY proud of myself. But May 3, 2017 I had my very first successful solo hunt. This was the very first turkey I’ve ever shot. And if you understood how many hours I put into finding and harvesting this bird, you’d understand.…

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“COUNTLESS HOURS” by William Terry

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MOTIVATED The 2017 Fallow Deer season was different for me. Hunting on a new and unfamiliar property was a daunting prospect but this year I accepted the challenge. I put countless hours underfoot, many weekends were spent searching endlessly only to find one or two does on the odd occasion. I soon realized that this…

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“THE HIGHS AND LOWS” by Gentry Houghton

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PACKING IN ALONE 16 miles with a pack like this will wear you out! It’s always fun exploring new country. Packing in alone can be a little eerie especially in grizzly country. I only had one encounter. I couldn’t get the big buck to come out of the trees but his little sidekick posed for…

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“My Journey to Become a SOLO HNTR” by Brady Svilich

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I’LL SET UP HERE It’s 3am as I drive into the empty parking lot. I grab my pack, decoy and gun. I lock my doors and put my keys in my pack. I turn my headlamp on, take a deep breath and start walking. I have a four mile hike to the roost. The first…

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“SOLO Moose Hunt” by Austin Manelick

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Everybody had a Bull besides me It all starts off as a crazy idea but after you get to thinking about it seriously it’s not so crazy after all. After a stellar moose hunting season in 2015 it seemed that everybody had a bull besides me. I helped a few friends and my wife harvest…

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“Second Chance Antelope” by Frans Diepstraten

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SECOND CHANCE ANTELOPE Second Chance Antelope! – Chasing antelope in foot-access-only country must be one of the most enjoyable hunts you can do, unfortunately in Alberta, tags are hard to draw. I finally collected a sufficient number of priority points to make a hunt reality. MODICUM OF SKILL In the morning I had spotted this…

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“I am a hunter” by Casey Bouwhuis

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I AM A HUNTER I am a Hunter. I hunt not to kill, but to harvest clean organic meat that will fill my freezer. I hunt because it is in my primal DNA. I hunt for the experience, and to connect with gods beautiful country, and amazing wild creatures. But there was a time in…

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“I was flying SOLO” By J Ray

640 519 SOLO HNTR

I WAS FLYING SOLO My 2013 buck. 34 wide with a main frame just a hair under 30 and character for days between the trash, blading and mass. My dad was stuck at work and buddy Mike was out of town, so I was flying solo. The afternoon before the opener, I spotted the big…

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“What really matters” by Jason Franklin

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I wanted a challenge like I’d never taken on before Many of you I have known for years, if not my whole life. Others I have recently met through travels and associations in Alaska. I came to Alaska not having any real idea of what to expect or the opportunity to come. This hunt I…

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“I just shot a &%$#ing mountain lion!” by Chad Harvey

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Prime elk hunting time It was mid-September in Eastern Oregon. Prime elk hunting time at my favorite backcountry hole, where spike camp pitches 7 miles from the closest trailhead. The previous week in Idaho just about wore the tread off my boots, and adding another day’s climb up the mountain with a loaded pack left…

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SOLO Brown Bear Bow Hunt with David Rupp #SoloStories

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Every once in a while a video link comes across my desk that is as real, raw and rugged as it can get. To me there is nothing better in a video or photo than true authenticity. This video from David Rupp is about as raw and real as it gets. It shows a long…

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@sn.outdoors #SoloStories

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Persistence is the key to success no matter what you are trying to accomplish. Tracking down an elk in frigid temperatures has got to be tough. Not to mention shedding your gloves to do the chore of field processing. To be able to come away from an event like that wearing a loaded pack on…

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@fair_chase_adventures #SoloStories

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I am always amazed by hunters from all across the world. We are all so different and yet so similar at the same time. Though we may speak different languages and have a variety of cultural and religious upbringings, those of us that are hunters seem to always speak to commonality. For those of us…

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@sthealthyhunter #SoloStories

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It’s hard to know how best to describe Ryan Lampers. I guess I’d have to say he is a mans man. But then again hes a ladies man too. I first met @sthealthyhunter at a Train to Hunt get together at the Reno Cabelas this past Spring. There was no way in hell I was…

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@backcountry_or_bust #SoloStories

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Every once in a while you’re walking around looking at your feet and you stumble across something. This is kind how it was for me when I cam across Dan Solsman and the rest of his Pacific North Wild crew on Instagram. There are several contributors there that represent hunting so well and are not…

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@mtn_standard #SoloStories

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I would dare say that if you are waiting for your buddies to get off work or for better weather or to draw a better tag, then you will never get out and experience your full potential in the hunting woods. I am always inspired by stories like mtn_standard. Becoming one with the wild is…

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@jessanna.13 #SoloStories

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How SAWEET are the words “I got my first kill- My first buck and I did it solo”? I hear this often but it will still never be enough. There is nothing like a first hunt, first kill and first pack out. But to do it on your own is something special. This post by…

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@trent_off_the_grid #SoloStories

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I don’t care what anybody says. Nobody has as much heart as Mr. Trent Penrod. known as trent_off_the_grid to many of us and elk_assassins to most on Instagram. Trent is hardcore. And… a little crazy. I’ve had opportunity to spend time in hunt camp with Trent. I know him personally and am pleased to call…

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@bridget_fabel #SoloStories

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Over the last couple of years I have met and heard from so many people who are new to hunting. Not new to the outdoors in general but have taken it upon themselves to learn more about hunting, killing and consuming wild game. bridget_fabel tagged us with her first buck that she killed. Here story…

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@tonygillahan #SoloStories

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To some it is not nearly enough to just portray yourself to live an active outdoors lifestyle. It seems that many like the “idea” of being a man of the wild but few actually have the true active lifestyle that they portray. @tonygillahan is just a man that is one with the wild. Well, one…

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@shadowtrekkeradventures #SoloStories

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WHAT’S YOUR STORY?…  As Solo Hunters, we don’t often have the opportunity to sit around the campfire with our buddies and swap hunting stories. We want to give you the chance to share your stories and adventures with other solo hunters. Whether it’s describing a close-call, a successful harvest, a particularly difficult pack out, or…

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